"Lose yourself in the boisterous rage of four-piece punk rock band,
Unlikely Heroes. Formed by Enon Gaines (Lead Vocals), Atlix Martinez (Lead Guitar), Ruth Marin (Bass), and Jeff Wilson (Drums, Unlikely Heroes is a fearsome fusion of hardcore rock, hip-hop, and punk energy. Based in the Bay, the San Francisco band stands out from their local competition with their lyrical social consciousness and existential mindful compacted with some visceral live instrumentation that takes on a life force of its own."

"San Francisco punk/hip-hop outfit Unlikely Heroes gave a hell of a ton of energy at Bottom the Hill last Friday night, May 12, 2017. From the first notes of the night it was energy at 11 throughout the whole show. Along with them was San Jose band Life Size Models and First in Flight."

"Cited as “A moshpit of no bullshit punk and hip-hop born on the streets of San Francisco” (SF Gate), the Heroes’ presence cannot help but be felt. Lead singer Enon Gaines is the x variable in the equation. With a Kid Cudi-esq sound and flow, Gaines drives each track along with the high energy backed punk triplet. Martinez’s lively arrangements slap the auditor with classic punk grooves giving way to tooth grinding solos and bridges. Marin is a lick-laying female bassist who frequently contributes backing vocals and Wilson’s speed and power often shines through the mix."

"Unlikely Heroes bring high energy hip hop punk to Bottom of the Hill on Friday night, and jumping around with front man Enon Gaines is gonna make you sweat good. The genre mash up isn’t so unusual as it might seem."

"These local stage favorites cranked up the sound and energy another notch, as they performed their slew of original fun and flow tracks.

 Lead by Enon Gains on lead vox, Atlix Martinez on lead guitar, 

Ruth Marin on bass and Jeff Wilson on drums, this band went all out , 

in performance and entertainment, including various NEW SONGS, and 

fan favorites like "Been up for days." (one of my favorites to hear. )"

"We are excited to premiere the band's new single, "Up For Days." A track seamlessly infusing hip-hop and punk with hard hitting riffs and witty lyrical delivery throughout, the invigorating beats are hard not to jam out to. By the song ends you'll feel energized and wanting more. While seemingly intense and heart pumping, the song's core focuses on the positive message of remaining in love with your dreams and aspirations, and stopping at nothing to see them through."

"Let’s say you open a blender jug up and you throw in some classic punk like Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones, then, for shits and giggles you tossed in some full throttle hip-hop ala Snoop Dogg, Ice T and Eminem. You then hit blend, the result would be somewhere in the vicinity of San Franciscan locals Unlikely Heroes and their new single Up For Days. It’s a raw, anarchic pumper from this Northern Cali quartet and a ripping 3.5 minutes of high energy fun!"

"Your feet stick to the floor a bit as you try to make your way to the bar before last call. There's sweat dripping down the brick wall and your hearing is completely blown. But everyone you see around you has a big grin across their face. Hair ascew and wet, it's the look of rock and roll, baby. It's the Unlikely Heroes experience, a moshpit of no bullshit punk and hip-hop born on the streets of San Francisco. "Up All Night" is the first single from the band's EP due out in the Fall."

"Unlikely Heroes was  the winner of the July 10th 2015 Battle. They lit up the stage at the end of the night.  The room was primed from the previous performances, and when the band hit the stage the room ignited.  PhenoMENON lead his band through hard rocking hip hop tracks reminiscent of Talib Kwali’s lyrical flow and Cypress Hill’s rock/metal edge."

"Unlikely Heroes as a group are every bit as interesting as Gaines. Their arrangements are the result of an extreme variety of musical backgrounds coming together to create an accessible sound that brings PhenomENON to an entirely new level. Possibly the most appealing aspect of the group, though, is the way that they interact with each other. Enon is clearly the band’s leader, but his respect for the musicians around him is palpable. It’s clear that he wouldn’t put his work in the hands of musicians who he didn’t trust completely to do it justice."